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We carry a full line of decals for your car from engine compartment to trunk. However, to make things easier we have put together a kit of the most needed decals for the 1967-73 cars. The kit consists of the following: Four air cleaner decals, caution fan, battery, voltage regulator, coil, shock tower, tire pressure and jack instructions. The basic kit sells for $25. If you have any other specific need please let us know. 1967-68 Kit – Specify Engine Size and Carb. $25.00 1969 Kit – Specify Engine Size and Carb. Add $3 for 428 CJ Decal $25.00 1970 Kit – Specify Engine Size and Carb Includes new visor decal Add $3 for 428 CJ Decal $30.00 1971-73 Kit – Specify Engine Size and Carb. Includes new visor decal $30.00 EMBLEMS REPRODUCTION “MERCURY” SCRIPT 1967-68 “MERCURY” Script on RH side of trunk lid $34.95 1967-68 “MERCURY” Script on left front fender extension. $34.95 1971-72 “MERCURY” Hood Script $39.95 TRUNK LOCK INSERT DECALS
1967-68 Reproduction “COUGAR” Trunk Lock Insert Decal $16.95 1967-68 Reproduction “XR7” Trunk Lock Insert Decal $16.95 Black background REPRODUCTION XR7 ROOF-SIDE EMBLEMS 1967-68 Reproduction XR7 Roof-Side Pillar Emblem $29.95 each FRONT GRILLE EMBLEM INSERT DECAL 1968 Center Grille Emblem $14.95 1969 Reproduction Red Center Grille – Emblem insert decal $15.95 1968 Quarter Script “COUGAR” $44.95 1969 Quarter Script “COUGAR” $44.95 1971-73 Fender Script “COUGAR” $44.95 1969 390 Front Fender Emblem $49.95 Each 1967 GT Fender Emblem – Includes 2 individual Letters $29.95 per Fender NEW – CHROME RUNNING CAT EMBLEM $39.95 For right hand headlight cover 67-69 EMBLEMS & STEERING WHEEL 1969-70 Reproduction Two-Piece XR7 Rear Deck Emblem $69.95 1971-73 Reproduction One-Piece XR7 Rear Deck Emblem $39.95 1969-73 Standard Coupe and Eliminator Rear Deck Tape on Cougar Script $46.95 1969-70 Left Front Fender Extension Cougar Script with pins. As Original. $49.95 REAR SIDE LIGHT REFLECTORS 1968 Reflector on the Quarter of your 1968 Includes the Chrome surround $59.95 Each NEW NEW 1967 Qtr. Emblems. $189.95 pair 1969-70 XR7 Roof Side Emblem – A Ken’s Cougars Exclusive! We manufacture a completely refinished Emblem that Looks just like new. You can’t tell them from N.O.S. Emblems. $150.00 each. EXCHANGE ONLY 1969-70 Gas Door Emblems – Another Ken’s Cougars Exclusive! This is the Emblem Assembly on your Gas Door with the Lincoln Mercury Crest on it. Refinishing using the same process we use on the XR7 Pillar Emblem. $150.00. EXCHANGE ONLY 1969-70 GAS DOOR LENS This is the plastic lens around the gas door emblem. An Excellent Reproduction. $99.95 NEW - 1967-68 RH Headlight Insert Decal - The Aluminum piece under the running cat. $24.95 REPRODUCTION 1967-68 XR7 Toggle Switch Caps. Set of four $24.95 STEERING WHEEL PARTS 1968 Steering Wheel Center Chrome. The chrome piece that the woodgrain fits in. $34.95 1968 and 1969-70 Non-Rim Blow Wheel Horn Ring $59.95 1967 Reproduction Center Steering Wheel Chrome Ring $16.95 1970-73 Center Steering Wheel Running Cat Emblem. This is the cat in the center of your wheel that always has a leg or tail broken $16.95 1969-73 Rim Blow Repair Kits. The rubber insert that you squeeze to honk your horn. State year when ordering. $149.95 This is a new reproduction.