Seat Track Assembly.  These replacement seat track assemblies 
come with everything necessary to replace those hard to move or 
broken originals.  Each set does one seat.  1968-70  --  $79.95
Seattrack.jpg - 18876 Bytes

Seat Track Spring Set.  Includes all the springs necessary to rebuild 
one seat.  Black phosphorous plated. 3 piece set.    $14.95
seatspringset.jpg - 17674 Bytes
Seat Adjuster Knob.    $6

1968-70 Chrome Seat Latch handles, with bezels & screws.    $29.95
chromeseatlatch.jpg - 24847 Bytes
Seat Hinge Covers.  These are exact copies of originals.  Available 
in black or neutral.  1967 -- $18.95 pair     
1968-70 – Black only -- $37.95 pair   1971-73 Black  $18.95 Pair
All can be dyed with our interior paint.
seathingecover.jpg - 25488 Bytes
NEW 1967-70 Door Panel Light Assy. Complete with red & White lens backing.
	$79.95 pair

Deluxe Auto Shift Handles.  1967-73 Get rid of your cracked handle.  
Comes complete with new chrome shift button.  Black -- $54.95, Maroon, 
Blue, Saddle/Ginger, Parchment  -- $59.95
shifterknob.jpg - 37587 Bytes
1967-73 Chrome Shift Button Only    --    $29.95

Door Panel Cups.  1969-70 Black only.  Can be dyed.  $29.95

1967 XR7 Pullstrap End Cap Kits  chrome covers w/woodgrain 
inserts and screws -- $49.95
pullstrapendcap.jpg - 12642 Bytes

XR7 Door Pulls.  1967-68  Exact reproduction of the originals.  Black - $24.95 Pair,  
Maroon, Blue, Parchment, Saddle, Ivy Gold, Nugget Gold, Aqua.  $29.95 Pair
doorpullstrap.jpg - 17498 Bytes
Lower Steering Column Cover.  1969-70  State year when ordering.  Black Only.  $69.95 each
lowsteercover.jpg - 19330 Bytes
Center Dash Molding.  1969-70 Black.  $24.95 Pair
centerdashmolding.jpg - 17478 Bytes
Interior Quarter Panel Lights.  High Quality reproduction that fits in the interior quarter      
panel of your 1969-70.  $49.95 Each
QtrPanelLt.jpg - 21572 Bytes
The Opaque White Lens only   $4.50 Each

These are the correct grain and pattern as original.  
Please state year when ordering.  Colors:  Black & White -- $119.95
For Sun Roof Car --- $139.95

Our pads are foam filled and molded as original.  Metal insert is 
encapsulated in foam.  Features exact sierra grain for the ultimate in 
authenticity.  An excellent reproduction for your 67-68 Standard Cougar, 
69-70 Standard or XR7, or 71-73 Standard.
67 Std		Most Colors Available				$25.95
68 Std		Most Colors Available   Specify RH or LH	$29.95
69-70		Black, Green, or White - Specify RH or LH			$36.95
71-73		Maroon, and Ginger  Specify RH or LH			$30.95
armrests.jpg - 26228 Bytes
NEW  1967 XR7 ARMREST PLUGS – set of four  $15.95 – Black only

NEW 1968 XR7 ARMREST PLUGS – set of four $10.95 – Black only

NEW 1971-73 Console Lid - $54.95
consolelids.jpg - 31124 Bytes
69-70 XR7	All Colors Available					$49.95
		Exclusively made by us and stitched as original
69-70 XR7	Pull Strap Covers					$16.00 

1971-73. We have been selling these reproduction panels for eight 
years now and they have performed flawlessly.  These are made from 
ABS plastic with a vinyl skin vacuum formed to it.  They will not 
crack, peel or warp.  These are far superior to having your old panels 
recovered.  Just transfer your trim and hardware and you’re set.  
Available in black, white or ginger.  Can be dyed any
color. --$649.95 pair – Sold in pairs only.

1969-70 Watershields The plastic liner behind your door panels.	$19.95 4 pc. set.

1967-68 Door Panels – We now manufacture new 67-68 XR7 door panels.  
Call for price

There are no reproduction 67-70 Std or 69-70 XR7 panels available.  
We have a good selection of used panels from Standard to XR7.  
Call for prices and availability.

DASH PADS - Excellent made in US reproduction
NEW – 1967-68 Reproduction Dash Pad – 
	now available in Black, Blue or Red.      $389.95 each *Best price in the US on these!!
NEW – 1969-70 Dash Caps – molded in correct grain and size.  
	Black only.  Will dye any color.	  $129.95 each
NEW – 1971-73 Dash Caps.  This is a molded plastic cover 
for your existing dash pad.  It has the correct grain and fits
snugly to cover those ugly cracks.  These are very nice and 
your car will look like it has a new dash pad.  
Comes in black but can be dyed any color. 	   $99.95 each

We have good used seat belts as well as a belt restoration service.  
Call for current prices and availability.
NEW – 1971-73 Seat Belt Shoulder Harness Anchor Bolt Cover also 
	holds seat belt buckle when not in use.  $9.95 each
NEW – Deluxe Seat Belt Chrome Plastic Outer Covers.  The chromed 
	outer plastic that surrounds the seat belt buckle.  
	Comes with button. 	$39.95 pair.
NEW – 1969-70 Convertible Seat Belt Retractors.  
	The ones missing from your convertible seat belts - $32.95 each
NEW – 1967-70 Seat Latch Handle & Bezel set - $29.95 pair
NEW - 1967-73 Repro Seat Belts - $39.95 per passenger. All colors available.
chromeseatlatch.jpg - 24847 Bytes